Upwork removes skill tests

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Upwork completely removes skill tests from 9 of July 2019. Freelancers will not have opportunity to pass tests anymore and the old test results will be hidden.

Upwork removes skill tests

What is changed?

  • Freelancer can’t pass new tests
  • Tests results will be removed from freelancers profile
  • Profile 100%-completeness calculation formula will be changed
  • Freelancers will be spent much less time to create a detailed profile. A lot of good test marks was a good opportunity for novices to attract clients
  • Some skills loose checkmark sign which you be able to earn with related test


  • Test was not representative. Test was not show real freelancers skill level
  • A lot of negative feedback from clients and freelancers.
  • A lot of test questions was outdated
  • It was easy to cheat the test. Find answer online or even hire someone to pass tests

More information


You can found more information about freelance on Upwork without special skills. Also, check big list of professions categories and skills list on Upwork

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