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How to fill profile on Upwork?

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Step-by-step guide of how to fill Upwork profile and achieve 100% completeness. A lot of freelancers don’t pay a lot of attention to their profiles and it is a huge mistake which causes a low response rate from clients and small earnings. Upwork is most popular freelance platform right now and freelancers should spend the huge effort to interest the client.

You will find complete information about filling profile on Upwork: title, Overview, hourly rate, photo and video, portfolio, work history and feedback, skills and tests, education and employment history, certifications and other experience. The profile should be related to specialization and search optimized.

You can check author Upwork profile.


A Title is the most important part of Upwork freelancer’s profile: client sees Title in search and job applications lists. Title is very important for profile search optimization, which can help highly increase the number of invites from clients.

Upwork Profile Title

I suggest using detailed Title: “Back-end Web Developer: Zend Framework” instead of short “Expert Web Developer”.

  • Displayed in the search;
  • Displayed in job applications proposals list;
  • Should be not abstract and show your relevant skills related to proposals you send;
  • Upwork recommends adding “Senior”, “Expert”, but as for me, adding skills or technologies is more effective.

If you want to receive more invites from clients on Upwork and increase the chances to be hired, you need to add your specialization to your title.

My friend changed his title from “Video Editor ” to “Promo Video for Mobile Applications ” and began to receive several invitations for the interview a day, but previously there were 1-2 invites per month.

Edit Upwork profile title

Below I presented examples of bad and good titles.

Bad TitleNormal TitleGood Title
Web DeveloperPHP DeveloperBack-end Web Developer (PHP, Yii)
TranslatorEn-RU TranslatorEn-RU Translator (Medicine)
DesignerUI/UX DesignerUI Designer (Mobile) & Material Design

Why is Title so important?

A good reputation is not enough to achieve a high position in the search results for clients on Upwork. Text that you wrote in your profile is also very important, and if your Title contains more words from client’s search query, you will be in the top of the list.

Also, Title is always visible:

  • In proposals list area;
  • In the search area;
  • In the recommendations area.


Overview in freelancer’s profile on Upwork has the same importance as Title. Upwork uses overview for search results and displays the first 80 characters in the job application lists.

Features of writing Overview for a profile on Upwork:

  • Only the first 80 characters are displayed in the search;
  • The first 550 characters are displayed in an overall profile;
  • 5000 characters total. To view the entire text, you need to click on “Show more” in your profile;
  • The first 80 characters are the most important, it is foolish to spend them on general phrases like “Hello, I am Yevhenii. I have 3+ years experience in Android development”. This information can be fetched from the preview of your profile. And in the additional 80 characters it is better to try to convince the client that you are the most successful candidate for solving his problem. In my opinion, the best way to convince the client is your experience in projects that are similar to the current client needs;
  • In the first paragraph of 80 characters, I propose to write what specific client tasks you can solve. I did it like this:

    Experienced in layout, cloud, chats, video, photos, maps, REST, forms, Android SDK.

  • The best option would be to reduce the number of keywords, to make this paragraph in the form of a sentence. But, in my opinion, for Android, there is no point in making narrower specialization, since in this case there will be less than one project per day in the project tape for my specialization;
  • In general, the ideal Overview for a profile should fit in 550 characters, because everything that is beyond this limit will be read very rarely;
  • Divide the text into semantic paragraphs, it will help clients read your overview quickly and find needed information in it;
  • Use simple sentences;
  • Write a story about yourself instead of a bullet points list of your skills;
  • English should not contain errors. Check the text several times. Check out via Google Translate and Grammarly. For many clients on Upwork English is not native so you could be misunderstood, if you will use not-trivial words. For the same reason, clients usually do not pay attention to errors in the language, but your profile is your business card, here you have to show that you can do everything perfectly, so make your overview error-free;
  • No links in Overview or your nicknames in social networks/messengers. Your profile will be temporarily suspended even because of mentioning the ability to contact you outside Upwork;
  • Try to show your best. If you are a student and have no work experience, it is better not to write about it but to better study one of the technologies and indicate this in your Overview.

My Overview is listed below, the first paragraph is 80 characters, the second is 550 characters:

Experienced in layout, cloud, chats, video, photos, maps, REST, forms, Android SDK.

My specialization: make Android layout from design files (Sketch, Mockup, Photoshop), use in-app purchases (IAP) with server-side validation, use social network API (Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram), edit image and photos on device, implementing video/audio/text-chat support, use REST API of any service, develop Android SDK (library) for your service with easy and well-documented API, use blockchain technologies, use geolocation and Google Maps / OpenStreetMap, use relational like SQLite and non-relational like MongoDB databases, use cloud services (Firebase, AWS), social networks API (Facebook, Google, Twitter, YouTube etc), use Android SDK (Camera, Phone, Contacts, Messaging, Power, Storage, Notifications, Web browser, Sockets).
I prefer to use MVP architecture and follow OOP paradigms and Android development patterns. I am familiar with modern Android code quality libraries, like ButterKnife, Jagger etc.

If you want to estimate my skills and code quality, you can check my portfolio, where I describe how I use these technologies to achieve project goals and attached source code examples.

I have partners who can make iOS applications, design, and back-end servers, so if you need solutions: “create Android and iOS application”, “Design and develop Android application”, “Port iOS application to Android”, I can do this in cooperation with my friends, so you shouldn’t waste time for search.

I prefer to use Gradle as a built tool, Git / HG / SVN as control version system, JUnit, and Robotium as testing frameworks, Slack for communicating, Redmine / Jira / Trello / etc as task and bug-tracking system.

For testing purposes, I use set of devices: LG Nexus, Samsung Galaxy, Meizu, Xiaomi, and others. They cover Android version from 2.3.3 to 7.1 and screen sizes from small 4-inch phones to 10-inch tablets.

For every client, I propose my ideas about how to improve, make more profitable client Android application. I own several applications in Google Play with over than 100000 users, so I know how to make your application and support it to achieve maximum efficiency.

My science interest is machine learning, neural networks, big data, data mining. I have worked with these technologies and I will be happy to use them in Android application.

It is important for me to build long-term relationships with clients, so I am primarily looking for long-term projects. I am ready to discuss requirements and communicate with your team via video-chat. Additionally, I can help you create technical and business requirements to the Android application if you don’t fully understand which features you want.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Popular projects

Popular project on Upwork

Read more in special article.


A lot of freelancers don’t create a video for their Upwork profile and that is the mistake. The video format is more comfortable than text for a huge amount of people at the moment and Upwork makes an accent on it. To make a good video you need to spend a lot of time, but this is nothing complicated, and the effect may surprise you.

Is profile video important?

In my opinion, video affects ranking in the search for freelancers and in the list of proposals to the job. In marketing books written that clients like to see you instead of the text. The video, of course, is not a living person, but closer to it. In the current era of YouTube, Twitch, video courses video format of information is more comfortable for many people. Video in profile will help you to stand out among others.

What should be in the video for profile?

It seems to me that the ideal option will be to tell your overview on camera.

How to record video for profile?

The light. The best option is to record on a sunny day. Sit face to window. Do not record in the dark room.
The sound. The ideal option would be to take a good microphone for recording. You do not need professional equipment, for example, microphone Boya for $10 will be enough.
The camera. The ideal option is photo/camcorder and tripod. But a mobile phone with a good camera and a stack of books instead of a tripod will be good too. It is very important to set the camera motionless in the right angle.

What is the length of Upwork profile video?

I personally recommend 1-2 minutes. There is an opinion that the best video length is 30-60 seconds. Well, in general, I do not see the point to make a video more than 3 minutes in length.

Do I need a professional video?

No, no one requires you to have a professional video. It can even scare off some clients – to put on the thought that you are trying to fool them. On the other hand, professional videos in one style in profiles of freelancers of one agency will be only a plus.

Do I need to edit a video?

Not necessarily, but desirable. In most video editors there is a trial period, this should suit you. There is no sense to study them, but it is worth to use ready-made tools for image correction.
It also makes sense to process audio. Ready-made tools of free Audacity are suitable for this purpose.

Where to upload the video?

On YouTube. And then you add it to Upwork. If you do not want the video to be available to everyone, then on YouTube make it available only by reference.

How long does it take to create a video?

When I want to update my video or help other freelancers, the whole work takes at least 20 hours of working time.

Does video worth it?

In the long term, yes, it worth. I would advise you record video in two cases: you just came to the platform, afraid to be banned due to low response rate or have troubles with getting the first job. For freelancers, who already work on the platform for long time, video will help increase hourly rate.


Upwork proposes to choose 10 most important skills of your profile. Some of them you can confirm via passing Upwork tests and increase ranking in search results.

Upwork profile skills

Skills on Upwork:

  • Displayed in the profile depth, but are actively used when platform recommending you to a client;
  • The client selects necessary skills when publishing the project, and platform will recommend and promote freelancers to this job with suitable skills;
  • You can enter up to any 10 skills in the general profile and special skills in specialized profiles.
  • Because the skill set is limited, you need to choose skills that match your specialization best;
  • If you don’t have the required skills for the job on Upwork your proposal will be at the bottom of the list;
  • If you have added all the skills you need and you still have not reached the limit, then add skills that might be secondary to you. For example, the Photoshop skill for front-end developers;
  • Take a look at the tests you need to complete for your specialization. Some tests add a confirmation (tick in profile) to a particular skill.

Upwork profile tests


Portfolio shows your professional skills level to client. I highly recommend to add at least 4 items to portfolio in any case. Clients are not interested in what problems you have and why you didn’t show the results of your work. Novices without a reputation on Upwork should not start looking for a job without a portfolio.

Upwork profile portfolio

How much time do you need to spend to make a good portfolio?

I’ve spent about 5-8 hours per project in portfolio. During this time I prepared the project, took screenshots, wrote a description, design screenshots, wrote special snippets-code examples so that I could show it to clients and not violate the agreement. Attention to detail shows client freelancer’s professionalism.

How important is portfolio on Upwork?

Portfolio is an important part of your reputation on Upwork after reviews. Portfolio is a great way to show client that you have already done projects that are similar to his. And this may have a key role in selecting a freelancer for a project.

What projects to add to the portfolio?

It is necessary to add projects (except for those that you do not like) that correspond to at least one point:

  • Made on Upwork;
  • Available online, and you can give a link, or maybe you are even listed as a project developer;
  • Projects without NDA.

If you do not have enough projects from the list above, you can add the following projects:

  • Projects under NDA;
  • Hobby projects or closed projects.

A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is a legal contract between two or more parties, which means that there is a confidential relationship between them. Confidential relations exist because the parties exchange information between themselves, which should not be shared with other parties, except those who participate.

How often to update the portfolio?

Once you have a new project for the portfolio. Also, every few months you should do the revision and delete projects that you have grown out. New projects improve your professional skills, but old projects show you old skills level.

How many jobs to add to the portfolio?

It is necessary to add minimum 4 jobs to portfolio because Upwork display exactly 4 places for the first page in the profile, and they need to be filled so you don’t look like a freelancer who has nothing to show.

But remember, that quality is more important than quantity. Add only the best of your projects. It is better not to add projects that you do not like or that do not belong to your niche on Upwork. It is better to add more hobby projects than to show contract work but poorly-looking. If you have specialized profiles, it is better to add at least 4 projects to each of the profiles.

How many screenshots to add to each project?

I recommend you to add minimum 3 screenshots for each project. It is better to make 3 screenshots that will reveal the most important features of the project in a favorable light than to show 10 screenshots that will be made worse. You can add more than 3 screenshots as long as you have time.

How to get the main picture of the project in the portfolio?

I personally prefer to add as much useful information as possible to the picture, so I add several screenshots at once.

What to show in screenshots?

You need to show the most important and different parts of the project. Clients are not interested in looking at the registration form and the login form on two different screenshots.

I want to note separately that if screenshots have something similar to the user’s profile (his name, picture), it is better to add information related to you. Client will have more confidence that you really did the project and did not steal screenshots.

What resolution should screenshots be?

Screenshots should definitely have Aspect ratio 16:9, especially screenshots for the preview because otherwise, Upwork will ugly cut preview.  I personally use the resolution of the 1920×1080.

How to make screenshots?

I think it is very important that your portfolio looks beautiful and organic. Moreover, having seen the portfolio in one style, client will have more confidence that all the projects were performed personally by you. I prefer to add device frames and it can be done with the help of online services.

What to show if I can’t make screenshots of my work results?

Such a question often appears among back-end developers, analysts, system administrators, translators etc. It is not necessary to make screenshots, you can show code, graphs, statistics. Translators can make a 2-column image with “before” and “after” headers.

What to write in the description?

It is desirable to tell about the project and its functionality, then tell about your role in the project and used technologies. Usually, the size of the description is 500-1000 characters, but not less.

What reference to the project to specify?

The best option is a working result of your work. If this option is not available, a link to a professional community or portfolio site where you have also posted your work will be suitable. For example Dribbble/Behance for designers.

What is “In review” and how long does this stage take?

Status In Review is put on the project in the following cases:

  • New screenshots in the project were changed/added;
  • Skills were Changed/added  in the project;
  • Project description was changed;
  • Project from Work History was linked to project in the portfolio.

That is, almost any changes put the status in Review. Usually, Upwork employees check the project within 5 working days. As long as the project in the portfolio has a status of in Review, it will not appear in your profile. Therefore, do not change all the elements of the portfolio at once, as you will remain without a portfolio for several days.

Can I add projects under NDA (non-disclosure agreement)?

In most cases, you can.

Below is my description of the project that Upwork’s approved:

Upwork portfolio

Everything is highly dependent on your NDA restrictions. Usually you can’t even specify a reference to the project and show real screenshots. But in most cases, you can at least tell the basic functionality that does not contain business secrets, without unique project identification. You can also add a project to a portfolio without a description, but this option is not great because don’t show your skills to clients on Upwork.

I suggest directly ask your previous employer or partners about sharing information about the project in Upwork portfolio. You have a good chance to receive permission. If not, you can create mockup screenshots or make similar hobby project and show its results.

In most cases, you will not be able to show the source of the project (source code, PSD file etc). But you can always do something special for the portfolio and lay it as an example.

What should I do if I do not have any projects that I can show in my portfolio?

The situation is the same as in the case of projects under NDA.

If you do not have projects that you could show, then you should make several projects as an example and for your experience. You even may not finish them, just make it good-looking.

Non-English languages screenshots in portfolio

It is important that screenshots should have only English language. Clients will not study project, if they do not understand anything. Translate into English at least two or three screens/images for the portfolio if your project was not created for an English-speaking audience.

Is it possible to add a project that I have not done alone?

If you didn’t sign any NDA and don’t have other limits you can add such a project, but clearly specify your role in it.

Can I add a project I’ve done on my last job?

If you didn’t sign any NDA and don’t have other limits you can add such a project, but clearly specify your role in it.

How to make a portfolio for a developer?

For front-end and full-stack developers everything is simple – add screenshots of software functional.

I suggest you add notebook frame for each screenshot and similar background.

How to make a portfolio for system administrator?

Usually, it is better not to add anything, leave a text description, then it will be displayed instead of a preview. The exception is statistics, screenshots of performance.

How to make a portfolio for translator?

In my opinion, it is very easy to make a portfolio for translator. Make two columns image: on the left is original variant, and on the right is text translated by you. If you cannot show the finished product, you can also make two texts instead of screenshots. It is advisable to add part of the translated text to the project description.

How to make a portfolio for analyst/marketer?

Screenshots of Google Analytics or any other program that you use to achieve your goals with the results of your work will be suitable.

My portfolio

Upwork portfolio

Almost all my projects are under NDA. I can not show screenshots, name, give a link. So I made a new design of screens, which have a part of the functionality of these projects, which I can talk about. In most cases, these are basic features of applications that are widespread: working with a camera, photo processing, user profile, maps etc. Moreover, I have chosen such screenshots especially as I want to get new projects with similar functionality. I have added a note to each project that the screenshots are not real, but this option quite arranged Upwork’s inspection staff, and therefore satisfied clients.

Portfolio templates

Recently, Upwork introduced portfolio templates. From now you can choose one from three (will be more in the future) templates

Add/Edit portfolio item with template

Editing separated in several steps:

  • Add/Update project
  • Select Template
  • Add Details
  • Preview

Upwork Portfolio Tempalte



Upwork Portfolio Gallery Template

Case study

Upwork Portfolio Classic Template


Upwork Portfolio Classic Template

Upwork Portfolio Classic Template


Source: Upwork


Upwork removed test from 9 of July 2019

Work History and Feedback

Freelancer cannot change anything in the work history and feedback, except Top Rated freelancers who can hide some projects. In addition to the public review, start/end date and the amount of money earned, you can connect portfolio item associated with the project.

Here you will see your past works on Upwork. Unfinished projects are also displayed, but hidden under the Jobs In Progress spoiler.

  • If you have paid account, you can hide your earnings for the past projects. This can be useful if you do not want to show new clients old projects with a small budget or hourly rates;
  • If you are Top rated, you can remove some of the failed projects;
  • There are non-obvious rules related to the work feedback Upwork, for example, feedback should be written within 13 days after the finish of the project, otherwise, you will need to obtain the consent of the second party to leave feedback;
  • Work history is a good way to show your portfolio, as projects in the portfolio can be attached to the works in history and thus attract more attention to them.


I have no certificates that I could show on Upwork. Upwork provides the opportunity to add certificates received only from those companies that are possible to check online.

For my mobile developer profession Java certificate would be useful, but, in fact, it is not important for me. It would be more important to add a certificate for the Java EE developer or for a system administrator working with Cisco or Red Hat.

You can add certificates if you already have them, but do not worry if you don’t. Certifications are not important for the most professions with some exceptions, for example, Cisco, in this case, you should spend time and money to get them.

Certificates do not affect the percentage of the profile filled.

Upwork profile certification

Other experience

Overall I do not know what is worth writing in this section. The only exception is what cannot be placed in past sections and thus can add you solidity and professionalism in the eyes of the client. I personally, for example, have added my scientific publication in English.

If you are planning to solve scientific tasks on Upwork, your publications in this section could be very useful.

Upwork profile other experiences

Employment history

In this section Upwork offers to add information about your previous work:

  • You only need to add information that is related to your specialization: clients are not interested in how you are developed in other areas, and the time spent on reading this information will annoy them;
  • It is possible to get 100% of the profile occupancy without Employment history, but adding at least one element to this section will increase this score;
  • If you do not have previous experience, or you can not talk about it, just add information about the work on Upwork.
  • Take time and write at least a minimal description to work in this section. Only a small number of client will read this text, and I don’t see a point to spend a lot of time on it, but completed description helps your profile to look great;
  • Write correctly, consider punctuation, grammar, and conventions. A blank space or the beginning of a sentence with no capital letter looks not very well.

Upwork profile employment history


Recommendations are similar to the Employment history: story instead of a bullet list, at least several paragraphs. I suggest writing only about education related to your current niche.

In this section, you need to add at least one item to achieve a 100% complete profile.
According to Upwork guidelines, you need to add information about university and school. I also advise adding information about passed courses by your specialty on popular online platforms, for example, Coursera.

Upwork profile education

Hourly rate

One of the most popular questions about Upwork “How to choose hourly rate and increase it?”.

Each freelancer sets up hourly rate in profile and clients uses them to estimate how much they should pay. But for each project hourly rate can be modified and even changed to fixed-price payment. Anyway, hourly rate in profile shows how high freelancer estimates his skills.

All hourly rates numbers in this chapter are rates for freelancer profile, so if you want to calculate earnings you should subtract Upwork fee (5% – 20%).

If you want to work on Upwork in the category Data Entry/Virtual Assistant, you should choose an hourly rate from $5 to $10. If you choose an hourly rate below $5 clients will think that your skills are not very good. And the competition among low-paying freelancers is much higher. As for me, a chance to get a job on Upwork with $15 per hour salary is equal to find a project with $5 salary. Anyway, I do not advise to work in this category, it is better to spend time to learn specialized skills and earn much more.

Similar recommendations for people with professional skills (IT, designers, translators etc), but the minimum rate is $10 per hour. If you are confident in your skills, then for all professions it is better to start at least from $15. Top limit for me is $50 per hour. Almost all of the clients on Upwork will not pay more than this number to a freelancer (exception is scientists, lawyers, and other unusual freelancers professions).

As for me, many freelancers on Upwork lack confidence (especially from poor countries) and they work for small rates because even not try to set up higher rate.

Many familiar freelancers at Upwork advise to start with an average hourly rate for your niche (around $10 – $15 per hour usually) and gradually increase the hourly rate by $1 – $2 after each project. You even can google theories, that Upwork increase search ranking factor for freelancers who slightly increase hourly rate after each project.

I personally believe that in almost all categories (except Virtual Assistant/Data Entry and other jobs, which not require special skills) you can get $20 – $30 per hour on Upwork. But the main thing is to believe that you are worth $20 – $30 per hour and to show it to the clients, otherwise, nothing will work.

In my opinion, it is necessary to put an hourly rate which corresponds to your own estimation of your skills. But at the same time, not less than $10 per hour, as in this case it will be very difficult to find work. As soon as you understand, that actually your work worth more –  you should increase the hourly rate. The main thing is that you should feel comfortable with the new rate.

But $30 per hour is not a limit on Upwork. A lot of freelancers earn $50 per hour and even more.

Specialized profiles

Upwork has provided an opportunity to create specialized profiles. You can make several profiles for different directions of your job. This will help a freelancer to work in several directions at once.

For example, my general profile is “Android developer”, but I’ve created specialized profile “Unity mobile game developer” because there are a lot of differences in this professions, but I have experience in both.


What information can be added to a specialized profile?

  • Title, overview and hourly rate;
  • Portfolio. You can choose which projects to display from the portfolio in the current specialized profile, but you can not change the description of the projects under each of the specializations-it will be changed everywhere;
  • Select the work from the work history that you want to display in the custom profile;
  • Skills from skillset for the selected category.

Upwork special profile sills

What cannot be added to a special profile?

  • Tests, Education, Employment history, Other Experience, Languages, Availability;
  • Job Success Score No matter what projects you choose from Work History to display, JSS will not change.
  • Video.

These items are shared between the general profile and specialized.

Tips & Tricks

  • You can choose more than 10 skills in specialized profiles, but you limited by skillset for selected category.
  • You can have several specialized profiles.
  • Even if you have only one specialization, I recommend to make a specialized profile for it, which will be similar to the main, but you will have more visibility in selected category;
  • When you choose projects from Work History, you can choose only those that fit your needs (relevant specializations, high hourly rate or total earnings, and good rating)

Do I need to create a specialized profile now?

Definitely yes, even if you have only one specialty. Now the special profile has few possibilities and it is difficult to find, but as soon as Upwork optimizes search algorithms, freelancers with specialized profiles will be higher in search results. Moreover, a specialized profile gives you the opportunity to already stand out among other freelancers. So, as soon as in your category you will be able to create similar profiles, do it one of the first.

Is it really important to have a specialization?

I talked more about this in the chapter of choosing a niche on Upwork. Thanks to specialized profiles, it appeared to be possible to have several specializations at once.

How are special profiles displayed on the platform?

When you go to a freelancer profile, you see General Profile. To view other special profiles, you need to click on them. After switching to a special profile, it displays as a regular profile, only with changed information.

Clients see a profile which relevant to currently posted job category.


Upwork allows the following settings/status in profile:

  • Visibility;
  • Project Preference;
  • Responsiveness;
  • Earnings Privacy;
  • Experience level;
  • Categories;
  • Linked accounts.


Upwork can force change status of inactive profiles to private visibility (makes them invisible), but each freelancer can change the visibility of his profile in settings: public or private. It makes sense to put a profile in private only when you want to take a break from work and not get new interviews.

Upwork profile visibility

Project duration

Long term, short term or any. I prefer long-term because long-term partnership helps freelancers earn more but it fully depends on your profession.


You cannot select options. It is a status, which means how quickly you answer to the interview. Ideally, you should respond positively (start an interview) or negatively (reject the project) within 24 hours after you were invited to the interview. Therefore, if you are going not to be online for a few days, it is better to set visibility as private, so that you do not get new invites, which you will not be able to answer within 24 hours. Responsiveness affects the chance of recommendation you as a good freelancer when client publishes a new project.

Earnings Privacy

You can hide your income from all but it is only available for paid Upwork Plus freelancers. It has a practical meaning if you have a lot of cheap projects in history and you do not want to show them because some clients do not want pay more if you have cheap projects in the past.

Experience Level

Entry, Intermediate, and Expert. It affects only to the chance of getting you as a recommended freelancer when publishing the project, as all clients indicate what level of freelancer’s experience they need.

I suggest searching for jobs on Upwork interesting for you, find the most popular experience level from them and use it. Even if you have Expert experience, it will be more productive to you, if you choose Intermediate, which is more popular in your niche.

Upwork freelancer experience level


You can choose up to 10 categories. I personally chose 4 that best fit my specialty. Again, I think it only affects the recommendations of freelancers to the client.

Upwork profile category

Linked accounts

You can link accounts in social networks and professional sites, but they will not be displayed anywhere and have no effect. Possibly this functionality will be disabled in the future or reworked.

Upwork linked accounts

English level

I certainly would not recommend you to choose Basic level, even if you have a minimum English level. The Basic level usually frightens clients. It is better to make maximum efforts to improve your language to match a higher level. Although according to Upwork, the Basic level corresponds to the skill of written communication.

Choosing between Conversational and Fluent is not easy. Upwork offers a clear division: you can speak verbally – Conversational, and if you also know spelling and grammar rules, –  Fluent.

If you grew up in an English-speaking country then you can choose Native or Bilingual.

How to confirm English level in profile?

You can receive tick near English level in your profile.

There are two options:

  • Client will mark your good English in the review;
  • You will add a certificate that confirms your level.

Earlier it was possible to confirm the level of language proficiency by passing a Skype interview with an employee of Upwork, but now this method is no longer available.

100% completeness

On Upwork there is a special metric: the percentage of profile completeness. Beginners often try to start working before filling the profile on Upwork by 100% and it is a big mistake. In Upwork documentation you can find, that it is not necessary to complete fill your profile by 100%, but not completed profile reduces your chances of getting a job. To get 60% completeness you need to fill in: title, overview, photo, education, employment history, and at least one skill. To get another 10% You must either pass at least one test or link account from other websites.

To earn additional percents you can do next things:

  • Portfolio Item 5% each (max 20%)
  • Employment History Item  10% each (max 20%)
  • Education 10% each (max 20%)
  • Profile Video 10%
  • Linked Account – 10% (max 10%)
  • Certification 5% each (max 10%)
  • Other Experience 5% (max 5%)

Thus, it is not necessary to fill in all the graphs for 100%, it is enough for example to pass 3 tests, to attach one account and to add two elements to the portfolio in addition to the main 50%. Profile without a photo, in any case, will have 50% completeness. Also note, that you need 100% filled profile to get Top Rated badge.


You can found more information about freelance on Upwork without special skills. Also, check big list of professions categories and skills list on Upwork

You can start from:

More information about freelance on Upwork you can find in free eBook “Upwork Tips & Tricks“. For example:

  • How to fill a profile?
  • How to write Cover Letter?
  • How to achieve Top Rated?
  • Much more.

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