Freelancing while maternity leave/babysitting on Upwork

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Many young mothers often wonder how to earn extra money and self-actualize during maternity leave, while devoting enough time to family and child. The article will look at the benefits of freelancing during maternity leave and give recommendations on how to be a successful mother and freelancer.

Freelancing while maternity leave/babysitting on Upwork

Why freelance?

Work through the Internet provides great opportunities for young mothers. A woman can work on a free schedule, giving enough time to her child. At the same time, she can do what she likes and earn money.

Based on the lifestyle and needs of a young mommy, quite specific principles of ideal work during the maternity leave are as follows:

  • free schedule
  • opportunity to work at home
  • pleasure from the process
  • self-employment & self-development
  • Additional income and possibility to directly affect income

Free schedule

The first and main advantage of freelancing compared to regular employment is a free schedule. You can devote as much time to work as you like and work when it is convenient for you without being distracted from diapers and feeding.

In addition, remote work teaches mothers on maternity leave to manage temporary resources with maximum efficiency. And after the end of maternity leave, many women do not go to their former place of work, but continue to work from home. This is not surprising, because children can get sick or be on vacation.

Opportunity to work from home

You can work after 10 – 15 minutes after waking up, without losing valuable time on the road and standing in traffic jams. Children are always supervised. If they go to kindergarten or school, it is convenient to pick them up at any time. Also, you do not need to spend a lot of money on clothes that comply with corporate ethics: you dress what you are comfortable with, even if it is a bathrobe and slippers.

Additional income and possibility to directly affect income

When a new family member appears, costs are steadily increasing, so freelancing during maternity leave is a great opportunity to earn extra money. It is important to note, that individual orders can bring not only symbolic money, but sometimes you can earn even more than the average office worker per month.

By working as a freelancer, you can decide for yourself how much money you need to make at each moment. This means that if necessary, you can take an additional order (and leave the child with the grandmother, for example), or spend several days/weeks out of work if you prefer.


Work from home during maternity leave allows young mothers to develop professionally, to stay abreast of developments in their profession. In addition, maternity leave is a great time to try something new. Maybe you always dreamed of becoming a designer instead of a manager? It’s time to try!

Pleasure from the process

In order to somehow distract from the maternal duties, we need a certain discharge. Remote work, if it also brings pleasure, helps to “switch” to something else. Freelance for moms on maternity leave can be an outlet for them.

Now when we have decided that working from home during a maternity leave has a lot of advantages, it’s time to talk about where to start.

Managing your time

Since child care requires a lot of time and attention, it is necessary to plan everything. Of course, with a baby in your arms it is difficult to do, but it is possible. Be sure to write a list of cases of the work of the day, week, month. Make plans and goals you want to achieve.

Before starting to work remotely, you need to develop a daily routine with your baby. You should clearly know when your baby is sleeping, when it is playing, when it is time to walk in the fresh air.

Now think about what part of the care of the baby you can pass on to the shoulders of someone else. Perhaps your mother or mother-in-law can give you two or three hours of free time by walking with your baby in the park. And you at this time will be able to work quietly.

Plan out also doing housework. Your husband may assume some duties – now you work too, household duties can be divided.

Decide what time is best for you to get to work, and how much time per day you can spend on it. Now, having certain skills and abilities, knowing how much time you can work per day, you can start looking for work.

Why Upwork is best choice for freelance?

The most effective way to freelance is to search for orders on one of the major international freelance platforms. One of the most popular platform with high hourly rates is Upwork. Upwork is an international freelance platform, where clients and freelancers from all over the world find each other. It appeared in 2015 after merge of oDesk and Elance – two popular freelance websites.

The main advantage of Upwork before other websites is popularity. You will not find another freelance website with such a big amount of potential jobs. A job can be found both by beginners and professionals. Even narrow specialists, who are usually difficult to get a remote job, will be able to find something interesting here.

At the moment Upwork is the most popular platform. There are more specialized websites with higher average rates or other work pipelines between freelancers and clients. But if you think to start working with clients from USA and Europe, then you should definitely try Upwork.

More information about freelance on Upwork you can find in free eBook “Upwork Tips & Tricks“.

What about special skills and salary?

Just do not say that you do not have sufficient skills to work as a freelancer. You can work on Upwork even without special skills. For example, working as a virtual assistant. In most cases it means performing routine work on the Web: searching for information, systematization, structuring, communication using template phrases, writing comments, posting something on forums etc.

There are also a lot of jobs related to manual text entering from photo/image. If the text is not handwritten, special software for digitizing text can be used, but it does not work perfectly and requires additional manual checking by a human. Again, problems with this category are English level and high competition.

You can found more information about freelance on Upwork without special skills.

If you already have a specialty or you want to learn something new, Upwork can offer you a lot of interesting things.

  • Academic Writing & Research – Writing scientific articles, books, and dissertations. It is important to follow formatting rules of scientific articles in the United States and Europe. Average earnings: $30 — $80 per hour.
  • Article & Blog Writing Writing expert articles for websites by professionals in their field. For example, if you need an article about programming, then you will hire a programmer instead of a copywriter. Average earnings: $10 — $50 per hour.
  • Copywriting Writing or rewriting articles on a given topic, based on information from a client or freely available on the web. Average earnings: $5 — $15 per hour.
  • Creative Writing Writing slogans, poems, artistic texts. Average earnings: $10 — $15 per hour
  • Editing & Proofreading Spellchecking and proofreading, mainly in English. Average earnings: $10 — $30 per hour.
  • Grant Writing Create a proposal for grants, mainly for the US. Average earnings: $10 — $40 per hour.
  • Translation Texts, audio, video translation and transcription. Average earnings: $5 — $30 per hour.
  • Accounting Accounting and financial reporting. Usually for companies from the USA and Europe. Average earnings: $20 — $50 per hour.
  • Human Resources Find and hire new employees. Average earnings: $15 — $30 per hour.
  • Display Advertising Create advertising companies on websites, social networks, stores. Average earnings: $20 — $30 per hour.
  • Email & Marketing Automation Setting up notifications, automatic actions, sending email based on the characteristics of advertising campaigns. Average earnings: $15 — $30 per hour
  • Market & Customer Research Analyze the market to help a client understand business opportunities. Average earnings: $20 — $30 per hour
  • SEM – Search Engine Marketing Comprehensive website promotion in search engines using SEO and paid ads. Average earnings: $20 — $30 per hour.
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization Websites SEO optimizations, Amazon product listing search optimization, mobile application ASO optimization etc. Average earnings: $20 — $30 per hour
  • SMM – Social Media Marketing Promotion in social networks. Create content, organize contests etc. Average earnings: $20 — $30 per hour.
  • Logo Design & Branding Creating a logo and corporate identity. Average earnings: $10 — $30 per hour.
  • Graphics & Design Any work related to the creation or processing of images. Average earnings: $10 — $30 per hour.

And of course there are a lot of job offers for all types of IT specialists.

Also, check big list of professions categories and skills list on Upwork

How to succeed on Upwork?

After you decide on what specialization to work on Upwork, you need to carefully fill your profile and start applying for a job. The most important thing to consider when submitting an application is to adequately assess whether you can complete the task on time. Reputation on Upwork – the key to successful work on the platform. You should not chase after projects if you are not sure that you have enough time to complete it on time, because in this case the reputation will suffer greatly. Assess your capabilities in advance and discuss with customers how much time you can devote to their task and when it will be completed.

You can start from:

How to receive earnings from Upwork?

You can easy payout to your bank account.

Also,  you can withdraw to Payoneer. Payoneer is a worldwide payment system. You can easily order Mastercard Card and use your money. You can find more information about Payoneer and the opportunity to receive an additional $50 bonus.


More information about freelance on Upwork you can find in free eBook “Upwork Tips & Tricks“. For example:

  • How to fill a profile?
  • How to write Cover Letter?
  • How to achieve Top Rated?
  • Much more.

If you have questions you can join our freelancers Facebook community.

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