Freelance on Upwork vs regular job at office

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Office and remote work online are very different. When working remotely freelancers have freedom and can earn more. Especially it concerns freelancers from Asia and Africa because Upwork allows them to work with clients all over the world. On the other hand, offline work is more stable and much easier. Pros and cons of offline work and freelancing on Upwork.

  • You should know how to sell your skills, high professional skill is not enough;
  • You should improve your skills. A lot of new technologies appear each day and if you want to be more interesting for clients you should know about all new features;
  • You should make decisions yourself, nobody will help you;
  • Only you are responsible for the result, all decisions are made by you;
  • Usually, freelancer works alone and communicates with colleagues online, so a lot of remote workers suffer from a lack of offline communication;
  • You should calculate and pay taxes yourself;
  • You don’t have paid vacation once a year. Moreover, if you are ill, you will most likely have to work ill in order not to ruin your reputation;
  • You have a flexible work schedule, but there will be days when you work more than 10 hours per day. Also, it’s very difficult for some freelancers to switch mind from work to rest, so their life turns into endless thoughts about work;
  • You should spend a lot of effort to reach a good reputation before you start earning big money on the platform, so you should not lose motivation.

Almost all these problems are complex, but they can be solved. And after this freelancer’s life will be much more attractive, because remote work also has many advantages:

  • High earnings due to work for clients from rich countries;
  • Project choice freedom;
  • Flexible schedule;
  • You choose vacation time yourself;
  • You can work anywhere in the world;
  • You choose what technology and methods to use in your work;
  • You should not spend the time to get to work, you can work at home.


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