Yevhenii Zapletin

Yevhenii Zapletin


My name is Yevhenii Zapletin and I am a mobile developer from Ukraine. I started working on Upwork (formerly oDesk) in 2013. I have been writing my freelance experience in a blog about freelance and Upwork (in Russian) since 2014.

After 2016 I suspend working on Upwork and got the possibility to spend more time on my own projects. First of all, it is mobile games creation and promotion, but I continue writing posts about Upwork and even launched a podcast about freelance on Upwork(in Russian).

I’m still working as a freelancer, but I spend several hours per week on this. Almost all of my current projects are long-term partnerships with clients at the support stage. These clients were attracted by my blog, but if I want to find new clients I will go to Upwork.

During my active period on Upwork, I had a 100% JSS (Job Success Rate) and Top Rated badge.

Hire me as a mobile developer

I have strong skills in the next areas:

  • Android developer (Java/Kotlin)  – main specialization;
  • Cross-platform mobile application developer (Flutter);
  • Mobile game developer (Unity3D).

My hourly rate from $50 per hour.

You can check my Upwork profile for more information.

Hire me as Upwork consultant

If you or your company need help with Upwork you can hire me as Upwork consultant

Price starts from $50 per hour.